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Week 2 Day 1

Today in class, we are:

Talking about portfolios.

Talking about possible portfolio sites.

Talking about the resumé readings.

Looking at resumé text.

For next time:

Start designing resumé

Investigate and choose a portfolio platform

More resumé reading + examples

This is from a publication on Medium called Dear Design Student. You should go read more of it.

100% Clever, 0% Hired

There are a few resumé examples on Pinterest here.

Portfolio Sites/Builders

Portfolio Builders/Sites





Adobe Portfolio

More from Adobe:

Website Hosts/Builders




Hosting (one example):



First, some portfolio basics:

  • Nobody has all the answers. People disagree quite a bit about portfolios. There are some things people agree on. So, pay attention to those and then judiciously choose among the others.
  • You should be the active party in your work descriptions (especially for school projects). Find alternatives to “I was assigned to…”
  • Tell a story. Show your work’s process and show/tell how you worked within a project’s parameters to get to the finished piece.
  • Show the work as a real thing (whatever that thing happens to be). Don’t show a PDF of a book or brochure. Take (or mock up) a photo of it printed. If it’s a web/digital project, convincingly mock it up on a phone/computer screen.

Online/website vs. Print vs. PDF?

  • Preferably all.
  • At least have a portfolio online + a PDF you can send someone.

How much work?

3–10 pieces.

Which work?

  • Choose your best work.
  • Choose work relevant to the job/internship you’re applying to if possible.

Requirements across all media

  • Visual/Layout Consistency
  • Visual/Aesthetic Resolve
  • Clear Labeling
  • Storytelling/Process/Case Study

Read these guides to portfolios for more info:

UX Design Portfolio: Best Practices

9 Design Portfolio Tips and Tricks from a Hiring Manager

4 easy steps to create a beautiful design portfolio

Week 1 Day 2

Today in class:

Katie Krikorian will be going over Handshake and internship reporting requirements

You should turn in your resumé text here.

For next time:

Bring in a list of 5-10 pieces you’d want to include in a portfolio. Gather your files for that work.

Resumé Text Upload

Turn in your resumé text to the folder here:

Day 1

In our first day in Internship, we will:


For next time:

  1. Read about writing resumés
  2. Bring in text for your own resumé.
    This doesn’t need to be designed, but it should be your full resumé of text. Bring in printed, plus a digital copy to turn in.

Resumé Writing

Read this article about resumé writing basics, from The Balance.

And this PDF of tips from Loyola’s career services.

Then, if you want or need more direction, read these:

Writing your first resumé

More on writing a first(ish) resumé

More on early resumés

Making a job/experience sound impressive on your resumé