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Week 13 Day 1

Today in class, we are:

Talking about the next part of this project

Potentially demonstrating any new skills for the project

For next time:

  1. Comment on two people’s refined sketches/comps
  2. Upload two refined digital posters (social media post size)
  3. We’ll use Tuesday’s class like a digital pin-up

Week 12 Day 2

Today in class, we are:

Talking about the reading from Lettering & Type

Talking about our next steps in the WHO/Modified Type project

For next time:

Crime Broadsides

Look through the Crime broadsides and comment on broadsides from at least two different people. Look for broadsides without comments so we’re getting more conversations going and more feedback about this work.

WHO Project

Comment on two people’s initial sketches using the criteria above

Using the feedback you get from those comments, create either: 5-10 digital comps for your posters OR 5-10 detailed, intentional, good sketches that take your ideas to their next step.

Week 12 Day 1

Today in class, we are:

Making sure everyone can turn in the Crime Broadsides

Talking about our new modified type / coronavirus project

For next time:

  • Read p. 61–85 in Lettering & Type
    (Modular Letters – Customizing Type)
  • Look at the examples of modified type I posted on the class site: Pinterest Board of Modified Type Examples
  • Decide on a brief/message from the 6 WHO-suggested messages.
  • Begin sketching ideas for your image/poster as a whole or for your type within it. Create 5-10 sketches/ideas.

Week 11 Day 2

Today in class, we are:

Looking at Crime Broadsides

Beginning another set of the Crime Broadsides

For next time:

Revise 2 of your Crime broadsides and create 2 new ones

Week 10 Day 2

note: this was originally for day 1, but got pushed to day 2

Today in class, we are:

Having class by video chat!!

Checking in with everyone

Talking about how class will go going forward

Turning in Type Specimens

For next time:

1. Turn in your Type Specimen

2. Read 3 Font Review Journal reviews and post about one of them on Blackboard (more information here)


Be on the lookout for information about activating Adobe software on your computer (if you need it)

Take some breaths and take care of yourself

Practice social distancing (unfortunately)

Week 9 Day 1

Today in class, we are:

Looking at finished artifacts!

Turning in finished artifacts.

Working on type specimens.

For next time:

Bring in a potentially final version of your type specimen.

Week 8 Day 1

Today in class, we are:

Looking at mockups for second artifacts


Looking individually at type specimens

For next class:

Bring in a second draft of each of your two artifacts

Make progress on type specimens


Final artifacts are pushed to next Tuesday. Plan to have them done, polished, nice when you come in then!

Post Break!

For Tuesday, 3/3, you should have:

A prototype/mockup for your second artifact

Remember, these can be rough, taped together, drafts. But they should be put-together versions of what you want to make. And they should, of course use your type (and other type as needed).

For Thursday, 3/5, you should work to have:

Two complete, final artifacts


Before the break, we had a mockup for our first artifacts and an initial draft of type specimen pages. So, you should have those if you didn’t already show them.

Week 7 Day 1

Today in class, we are:

Looking at your artifact mockups

Doing a demo/playtime on the Riso

Choosing a book size

Choosing a set of colors for your books

For Thursday:

Bring in a draft of your type specimen spread

Make progress on artifacts

Week 6 Day 2

Today in class, we are:

Looking at your artifact sketches/ideas

Looking at your type

Talking about type specimen books


For next time:

Keep making any refinements you need to your type

Bring in prototypes/mockups for your artifacts

  • Create an initial design, print it out, put it together
  • Lo-fi is ok!