Today in class, we are:

Looking at your redesigned Instances!

For next time:

1. Comment on the Instances of each person in class (any that are uploaded) and choose at least one instance from each classmate to give one superlative (list of superlatives below)

2. Comment as needed/helpful on as many classmates’ work as you choose to give people feedback on their work: • what could be stronger • what’s strong as is • what’s interesting • what’s almost perfect • what’s illegible • what’s on an interesting line between form and function

3. Bring in ____ revised versions of your redesigned Instances

Superlatives to assign:

🛠 Most Useful
📖 Most Legible
👯‍♂️ Most Expressive
😎 Most Cool
☑️ Best Button
⌨️ Best Monospace
📟 Best Bitmap Type