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Coronavirus Inspiration

I know “coronavirus inspiration” is a weird phrase, and it’s one I didn’t think I’d ever have to use. But here we are.

I’ve found a couple things recently that might spur us on to keep on being good about all the virus prevention things we’re doing and to make work about it.

  1. The web comic xkcd recently had a comic about it and about how all us humans are pulling together to beat this. The title to it is “We’re not trapped in here with the coronavirus. The coronavirus is trapped in here with us.”

    Excerpt (click to go to the whole thing):

2. The episode This is Chance from 99 Percent Invisible. It’s about an earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska (more Alaska content!!) in the 1960s and how people pulled together – especially a newscaster named Genie Chance – to communicate, reassure each other, and come together despite their city being demolished. It’s a couple years old, and it was already great, but they just added an interview with the writer of it (at the end of the episode) that talks about its similarities to know.

It’s kind of amazing audio (this episode is a recording of a live show with live music), and it’s just overall inspiring about what people can do.

Listen to it at

Modified Letters vs COVID-19

type lab 2 | modified letters vs coronavirus Basics It’s often useful to modify or customize a typeface to make it suit a particular purpose more. Modifying an existing typeface can be a quick way to get custom type, to change the tone of type to fit a purpose, to fit type into a space (without squashing it, of course), and more. In this project, we’re going to modify type to make work to contribute to the WHO/UN’s response to COVID-19.

View the Modified Type project here

Modified Type Examples