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Finished Crime Broadside Turn-in

If you’re in the 9:30/10:00 class, turn in your finished Crime Broadsides here.

Updated/fixed turn-in link for 2pm class:

If you’re in the 2:00 class, turn in your finished Crime Broadsides here.

Week 12 Day 1

Today in class, we are:

Making sure everyone can turn in the Crime Broadsides

Talking about our new modified type / coronavirus project

For next time:

  • Read p. 61–85 in Lettering & Type
    (Modular Letters – Customizing Type)
  • Look at the examples of modified type I posted on the class site: Pinterest Board of Modified Type Examples
  • Decide on a brief/message from the 6 WHO-suggested messages.
  • Begin sketching ideas for your image/poster as a whole or for your type within it. Create 5-10 sketches/ideas.

Modified Letters vs COVID-19

type lab 2 | modified letters vs coronavirus Basics It’s often useful to modify or customize a typeface to make it suit a particular purpose more. Modifying an existing typeface can be a quick way to get custom type, to change the tone of type to fit a purpose, to fit type into a space (without squashing it, of course), and more. In this project, we’re going to modify type to make work to contribute to the WHO/UN’s response to COVID-19.

View the Modified Type project here

Modified Type Examples

Broadsides: More Crime!

Create 4 new Crime broadsides:
2 should be revisions of previous broadsides
2 should be new

Download Handout for More Crime

Week 11 Day 2

Today in class, we are:

Looking at Crime Broadsides

Beginning another set of the Crime Broadsides

For next time:

Revise 2 of your Crime broadsides and create 2 new ones

Crime Broadsides Turn In

If you’re in the 9:30-12:20 class, turn in your Crime Broadsides here.

Broadsides Intro + Crime!

For these broadsides, we’re establishing almost severe restrictions on the number of typefaces we can use. We’re doing this as a way to create new opportunities and look for ways to communicate meaning, show hierarchy, and use our good design sense when we have a limited typographic palette. 

Create 4 different broadsides.

Due, in Google Drive, 3/26 (before class)

Download Handout for Broadsides Intro + Crime

Download Crimes List

if you need the type we’ve used before again, download here (password given in class)


What’s with the name?

Broadside Examples