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Week 13 Day 1

Today in class, we are:

Talking about the next part of this project

Potentially demonstrating any new skills for the project

For next time:

  1. Comment on two people’s refined sketches/comps
  2. Upload two refined digital posters (social media post size)
  3. We’ll use Tuesday’s class like a digital pin-up

WHO/covid Project Pt. 3

Refine two of your sketches/comps to create two polished digital posters (social media sized)

View Pt. 3 of the WHO/covid/Modified Type project

WHO Project round 2 turn-in

If you’re in the morning class, turn in your sketches or comps to this folder.

If you’re in the afternoon class, turn in your sketches or comps to this folder.

Image + Type How To

We got a question last week about replicating an effect from a Pinterest post where someone had integrated type and an image. So, I made a video for it.

It’s split into two videos (partially because a baby needed my attention). The first one covers isolating the image and making it black and white. The second video covers adding type and combining it with the image.

Isolating the image

Combining the image and type

Changing Units + Color Mode in Illustrator

Since in this project, our final product is for screen, we should size it in units made for screens.

By choosing the Web tab in the Illustrator New Document dialog, it sets the units to pixels (px) and the color mode to RGB (red green blue) which will each give you more reliable output than other options.

Simply choosing the Web tab should do a lot. Then you can add your actual pixel dimensions. And you can, if you want, double check to make sure you’re using pixels (as opposed to another set of units).

Screenshots for illustration:

WHO Project Sketches Round 1

If you’re in Type 2 in the MORNING, turn in your initial WHO / Modified Type project sketches here.

If you’re in Type 2 in the AFTERNOON, turn in your initial WHO / Modified Type project sketches here.

Week 12 Day 2

Today in class, we are:

Talking about the reading from Lettering & Type

Talking about our next steps in the WHO/Modified Type project

For next time:

Crime Broadsides

Look through the Crime broadsides and comment on broadsides from at least two different people. Look for broadsides without comments so we’re getting more conversations going and more feedback about this work.

WHO Project

Comment on two people’s initial sketches using the criteria above

Using the feedback you get from those comments, create either: 5-10 digital comps for your posters OR 5-10 detailed, intentional, good sketches that take your ideas to their next step.

Modified Type Project Pt. 2

In Part 2 of this project, we’re looking at your sketches and giving feedback on ideas to move forward with. Then we’re creating digital comps or sketches that move our ideas forward.

View Modified Type Pt. 2

Coronavirus Inspiration

I know “coronavirus inspiration” is a weird phrase, and it’s one I didn’t think I’d ever have to use. But here we are.

I’ve found a couple things recently that might spur us on to keep on being good about all the virus prevention things we’re doing and to make work about it.

  1. The web comic xkcd recently had a comic about it and about how all us humans are pulling together to beat this. The title to it is “We’re not trapped in here with the coronavirus. The coronavirus is trapped in here with us.”

    Excerpt (click to go to the whole thing):

2. The episode This is Chance from 99 Percent Invisible. It’s about an earthquake in Anchorage, Alaska (more Alaska content!!) in the 1960s and how people pulled together – especially a newscaster named Genie Chance – to communicate, reassure each other, and come together despite their city being demolished. It’s a couple years old, and it was already great, but they just added an interview with the writer of it (at the end of the episode) that talks about its similarities to know.

It’s kind of amazing audio (this episode is a recording of a live show with live music), and it’s just overall inspiring about what people can do.

Listen to it at

Finished Crime Broadside Turn-in

If you’re in the 9:30/10:00 class, turn in your finished Crime Broadsides here.

Updated/fixed turn-in link for 2pm class:

If you’re in the 2:00 class, turn in your finished Crime Broadsides here.