Bitmap/Pixel Fonts

Apple System Fonts

Download San Francisco, Apple’s System Font

Google System Fonts

Information about Google’s use of Roboto

Download Robot at Google Fonts

Highway Fonts

Great information about and links to this genre of fonts on Font Review Journal (of course)

Download Roadway Font (free for personal use)

Download Overpass (free)

Download Blue Highway (free)

Download Roadgeek Collection

Someone started updating the Roadgeek fonts as an open source project in 2014, and you can download the 2014 Roadgeek fonts here

Read about the 2014 Updates (or contribute work to the project?)

Monospace Fonts

You most likely have a lot of monospaced type on your computer already. In Illustrator, you can filter your font menu to show them by clicking the Filter icon, then choosing the middle M on the bottom row (I know that’s not super clear). It looks like this:

IBM created a family of fonts called Plex that they use as the basis for a lot of their design. There’s a good monospaced version in it.

IBM has a lot of information about the design of Plex here.

Download Plex (including Plex Mono) here. (click the or at the bottom)

There’s another semi-monospaced font called iA Writer Duospace, from a company that makes a text editor called, wait for it, iA Writer. And the font isn’t monospaced, but duospaced, to where there are two widths of characters. If you want that sort of monospaced look, it’s a pretty good one. And a little more flexible than a purely monospaced font. Download iA Writer Duospace.
(the download for this one is annoying; you have to click the OTF link, then click each weight, the click the “Download” button, then go back, click the next weight… but it’s a good font. Plus free.)